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Quartet Bodragaz hails us all out of Denver, USA and just released their fifth album so far.This is my first contact with the band's music and first personal intention about their musical skills is very good. Pure US Melodic Hard Rock with strongful feelings of Progressive Metal in the back of their heads. Bodragaz has two great and original singers in their ranks named Michael Layer (also on guitar) and James Wescott (also on bass). These guys delivers both lead and double vocals in a very impressive way. It's brilliant hearing them singing in harmony which makes Bodragaz' sound very different from many others. Two 'high quality' vocalist playing overwhelming bass and guitar lines too...this is awesome!

All the guitar works i've heard on this new album were just really great, i mean melodic to the bone and sharp as a knife. On drums we have Mike Taft and last but not least Bodragaz' keyboard player Jason Barnes is very remarkable in each and every song of this release. Haven't heard their previous releases but the new one "Clear" quite impresses me due to the originality and great ideas building up songs in a very pleasant way. With an excellent production, the album "Clear" kicks off with the song "Hellraiser" and gives a directly vision of how strong these guys are.

Title track has a lower rhythm section with a suspicion feeling but it's a killer one. Great vocals, outstanding guitars and once again the remarkable keyboards giving the song structures another domension which is nice to hear. Another great work is "Hypnotized", a six minutes satisfaction for every Progressive Rock maniac on earth. The track entitled "We Are America" is actually wrote shortly after September,11 and is a superb support for all the soldiers and rescuers risking their lives to help innocent civilians saving them from coldblooded murdering terrorist acts. "We Are America" is at first recorded as single version and the band had the amazing idea sending at least more than 60.000 copies to the US troops in hope to reach them all some minutes of joy while listening the song after returning from the fields.

Each song of the entire album gives me another feeling inside and that's great to listen at. A lot of power, energy, melody and a dose of intense feelings is what Bodragaz' new album all about. You should hear a songs called "Fear", "One" which are played so peaceful and beautiful, nothing but a fantastic songs! Yeah, Bodragaz surprises me very much. They've created a style by themseves, hard to compare with other bands and that's always great to me.

Originality combines with inner qualities means Bodragaz. They just put a very attractive, pleasant form of Hard Rock / Metal music with a progressive touch on the map. Well done guys! Visit their website at:    MY POINTS: 88 / 100